Alfie and Alexa are eight year old neighbours who are experiencing different emotions and feelings as the country goes into lockdown.

For Alfie, he’s missing his friends, he’s scared by people wearing masks to protect themselves and others, and he wants a takeaway on a Saturday night. Alfie just wants life to get back to normal.

Alexa is enjoying spending time with her family and her beloved dog, Goldie, and getting away from a bully making things tough at school. Life in lockdown is pretty good for Alexa.

Alfie and Alexa may live side by side but the way they’re feeling about living through lockdown is completely different. Children reading the book can see who they identify with best.

Alfie & Alexa in Lockdown is a heart warming lyrical tale from first-time author Linda Cartwright aimed at 3-8-year-olds.

It explores themes of love, fear, mental health, and family life, as well as importantly what it means to be a child going through the turbulent experiences 2020 has brought.

Through 26 colourful pages, beautifully illustrated by hugely talented BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate Elise Smith in her first major commission, explore Alfie and Alexa’s worlds in lockdown.

With a rhyming style, the book gently explores emotions many children will identify with and will open up discussions to help them better understand the way lives have changed.

Plus, children can use four illustrated pages to take the opportunity to share their lockdown memories of 2020, good and bad, to help make sense of a time in our lives unlike any we have gone through before.

Alfie & Alexa in Lockdown is an ideal keepsake for children born in 2020 and to share with generations to come.

£1 from every copy sold is donated to:

- Plymouth Foodbank
- NHS Charities Together
- Plymouth Christian Centre

Thank you for reading. Linda xx

Picture is of my son Alfie and NHS Nurse Julia

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